• October 2007 - My site started working !!!

  • Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

    Was great! Got some epic shots with Al and Lionel, hang out with bunch of cool peeps, ATE LIKE PIGS!!! Seriously!!! Did silly Gurren Lagann skitness at masq and somehow got Best Presentation - woah, dude... Finally was able to hang out with peoples some more, great times at dinner after the masq - ^_^ Good job by KT, Kane, Jon, Ami and Rosie running the masq and thanks for letting us hang out in the cosplay office room. Good times. I was blind Viral half of the time, cause of the non-prescription lenses. So having a place to stay was great. And again, it was AWESOME to see everyone!!!

  • Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

    Worse trip evar. On the way back from AX my car broke down. Thankfully it was an hour away from home and not 5 hours. And thank god for Tiffy and Denny's help. THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I OWE YOU ONE! They called AAA to get the car to the nearest dealership and their parents to pick us up. Then Marina picked me up from San Ramon. So sad. Overall - nasty trip - Most of Friday spent in lines for SKIN concert, even though Tiff and I spent 50 bucks NOT TO WAIT IN LINE! Got sun burned, Tiff never even got to see the fucking concert! They were 2 hours behind and she had to leave for bday dinner! So unfair! But I saw Gackt. The rest of the Con was a blurr - running back and forth between hotels, getting blisters on my feet from said running, really messy masq stuff, even though we won First Place - which I am still hella confused about, but hey, if One Piece got Best of Show - then yeah, I am not surprised at all. I seriously don't get AX this year, it's always was my favourite Con to go to - but it failed so bad this year. I feel sorry for all the staffers, that had to deal with so much shit, Ami and others were doing amazing job and trying to accomodate everyone backstage, but I still can't believe we were all kicked out at 11 pm and we never made it on stage, cause we could never hear if we won anything or not???!!!! Oh and this morning started with bugs in Tiffy's and Chibi's Udon soup. WTF? And when we thought we were all done with the Con and ready to go home the whole car thing happened. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr!!! :-( Oh. And our skit is on 4chan already. Figures. Maybe because its ABOUT 4chan. Hahaha. RULES 1 and 2, SUCKERSSSSSSSSS! Watch our skit here

  • Thursday, May 31st, 2007

    So, this is what I did at Fanime this year.
    Photoshoot 1
    Photoshoot 2
    Photoshoot 3
    Haha, yes, it was mostly photoshoots and hanging out with friends. Good times!!! We won Judges Award for Crafstmanship for our Saiunkoku Monogatari skit. Watch our skit here

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