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9. sam   (18.08.2014 09:02) E-mail
hello luna,
my name is sam, (sorry i couldnt find anywhere else to say something) and i was wondering if you could help me out? my bfs birthday is coming up in a few days and ive been looking everywhere for a vash the stampede cosplay to get him. (he loves vash) and ive tried making one but im still not that great with a sewing machine sad so i was wondering if maybe you could help me out by sending me an email of a not crazy expensive (trying to save up for an appartment) cosplay of vash or maybe if you know anyone who could make one by the 10th of october as a late birthday gift to him. thank you and i hope to hear from you soon!

my email is darkjak911@gmail.com

8. Jessica K   (16.04.2008 03:18) E-mail
Oh my goodness, you are amazing. *jawDROP*

Your Soldier Blue cosplay is flawless! I''m actually planning on cosplaying as him in a year from now. Could you... maybe... help me out? I really have no clue how to go about making the costume. If you could e-mail me, that would be great. <3 Thank you SO much.

7. Jonathan   (20.10.2007 11:12)
Great website, I wonder if I have any photos that you can use?? (evil laughter)

6. Ryu   (20.10.2007 10:05) E-mail
I like what I see. Keep up the good work :3

5. Karasu Kurono Suitengu Johnson "Bruce" Priss Lee   (20.10.2007 10:04) E-mail
I approve this website -


4. Luna   (20.10.2007 09:48)
Test. Klassna! Ura!

3. Amoremorte   (20.10.2007 08:27) E-mail

2. Lizka   (20.10.2007 08:27)
Hi Nanka!!!

1. Vastland   (12.10.2007 03:48)


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