Hello, and welcome to Luna's Cosplay!

This is the cosplay site of Luna, where you will find my collection of costumes I have made since 2002. Enjoy your stay and please feel free to sign the guestbook if you'd like!

  • Name: Luna
  • Nickname: Luna, LunaNeko, Crazy Russian Lady, Nana Sputnik.
  • cosplay handle: Luna
  • cosplaying since: May 2002
  • Height: 167 cm (roughly 5'6)
  • Weight: 53kg (approx 120 lbs)
  • Birthdate: August 1
  • Birthplace: Russia
  • Current Location: California, USA
  • Family: parents and one younger sister
  • Horoscope sign: Leo
  • Blood type: AB
  • Interests: anime, cosplay, reading, music
  • Preferred Sport: black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Favorite Food: sushi, salmon sashimi, noodles, bread, sweets
  • Favorite Colors: black, pink, blue
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